Iomramh believes in the importance of art as a creative pursuit, as a measurement of culture and as an intellectual and spiritual connection to the world around us. Making art is a journey in itself and in viewing art a certain transportation of the mind takes place. Throughout the ages art has been used to make representations of events and philosophies that shape our image of the world.

The experience of an artist is what feeds the work. Inspiration can be taken from any of life's journeys, from local observation to exploring foreign lands. The power of art lies in its ability to work on a sub-conscious level - to trigger sentiments that are popularly shared. Art is a reflection of the duality of our world - of its perils and beauty. It should make us conscious of our place in time, of our daily interaction with the world and the steps and choices we make each day.
A limited number of hand made etchings are available for sale through our website. These limited edition prints were made by artist Mark Redden. They depict the Voyage of Máel Dúin, a tale written in old Irish in the first millennium. He and his crewmen encounter many fantastic islands on their quest to avenge the murder of Máel Dúin's father. Prices: 40€ each.

A limited number of cast sculptures by Mark are available to buy. Price: 100€ each.

For more art by artist and boat builder Mark Redden, please visit: