Hooker Building Barcelona, 2013


One of Iomramh’s oldest projects is to design, building and sailing of a traditional Galway Hooker yacht from Barcelona to Galway in Ireland to race it in the annual Galway Hooker regatta. This project has already commenced but will require funding and support from various state agencies in Ireland and Spain. Here is a link to short video taken at the event in 2008:


It is our intention to complete the Galway Hooker here in Barcelona in collaboration with a local Catalan boat builder and sail it through the canal du Midi in time to compete in this event in August 2013.
If you have any ideas or suggestions – please contact us!

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  • Edgar on March 4, 2012

    Hi people,
    I am taking part of Barcelona currach sessions and I am very interested in almost everything related to sailing, rowing and all kind of water sport.
    For any kind of help I am VERY interested in participate.



  • mt sail on January 1, 2013

    i am up for helping with this project.

    we have a group of sailors capable of delivering the boat.

    a close friend runs the RYA sailing school in Galway and available for logistic support.

    we can offer sail training to all interested in the project.


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