Currach Rowing Lessons in Barcelona


We offer courses in coastal rowing in the currach, the traditional boat from Ireland. We have two currachs berthed in the heart of the Port of Barcelona. Prices start from 30€ for a one month course which includes 5 lessons, rowing at least once a week (weather depending), gaining enough proficiency to navigate a rowing boat. We hope to teach everyone how to use a currach. Come and experience the joy of oar propulsion in a skin boat!


Currach rowing training takes place in the Port of Barcelona on set days. People can come alone or bring their friends, and we’ll take them out in the currach together with at least one experienced rower until they are good enough to run teams themselves (usually after about 2-3 sessions).

Local businesses, groups of friends, students or athletes, everyone is welcome to participate. If you are an inexperienced rower or not familiar with the currach, all necessary instructions on how to manoeuver a currach will be explained carefully. Once you get the basics, it will come together bit by bit.


Some of the things we focus on are:
– Relaxation
- Synchronisation with other rowers
- Use of the whole body
- Correct breathing
- Use of full length of each stroke

Done correctly you and your team will row in a natural, fluid movement where a minimum of force is required to propel the boat. Once you’ve learnt the basics, rowing is an excellent way to train your body regardless of your age or physical condition.
Teams consist of three people. The first step is to teach people how to sync their rowing so that they all row together in perfect rhythm. As we go along and people get more comfortable with the rhythm, we go more deeply into technique. It’s important not to let energy go to waste! To get the full potential of each stroke we aim to make people move as efficiently as possible, to use the weight of the body to guide the boat where you want to go. Breathing methods for rowing are also introduced. The ultimate aim is to make every movement natural and relaxed.



Each position in the boat requires different skills to master. Some people are more coordinated than others, and some are less coordinated, but maybe physically stronger. After a few times of getting to know the people and their skills, we intend to give them their position in the boat accordingly. It’s been a lot of fun. We have had really good feedback, and everyone who comes along tends to develop a love for rowing.


We’ve had people for all around the world coming to row, from Uzbekistan to Tasmania, Norway to Ireland, including Spanish, Italians, Germans, French, Chilians and more.
The duty of the man behind the oars


- To keep one’s body under control and the boat properly balanced is a duty, which one owes to the rest of the crew.
- The race is merely an illustration of the amount of thought and care one has given to practice.
- The mind is apt to think that the stroke is finished before it is. Sit back.
- The heaviest and hardest work for yourself as well as for the person in front of you is when you are just a fraction late.
- Poise, spring, draw and sit back.
- The instability of a boat is the only obstacle to every person doing his best; hold the boat steady by keeping a firm and even weight on the handle of the oar.
- The crew that uses its weight furthest per stroke must win.
- Keeping time is done by feel and not by sight.
- Balance, timing, control, touch.
- Concentrate on working the oars to move the boat.
- Learn to concentrate on working the blade and remember the only way to learn to row is good, honest, hard blade work, every stroke.
- Easy and lazy lean her along.

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  • Harald on April 25, 2012


    I’m interested in the rowing lessons. My question would be, in which days are the lessons? And at what time?
    And if I was to sign up where would I do that?



  • admin on April 25, 2012

    Hi Harald,

    We are currently arranging place, days and times, as well as the price for the currach lessons. Once it is decided we’ll contact you to let you know. Thanks for your interest and hope to meet you soon!

  • Mercedes Carolina Perrotta on December 27, 2012

    I am living in Bcn and i am interesting in rowing lessons. Please send me information, thanks.


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